Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Events and Happenings: New Button!

I had made a button on the fly when I first created my blog just so I had something to send to fellow bloggers in the event they wanted to promote my blog (because they love me naturally). I just slapped one together and since I use my button for default pictures around the web I was not too happy with having a lackluster representative for my blog. I subscribe to lots of blogs and one of which is Julianna's Reading In Twilight. She recently put up a post about how she has had requests for creations of buttons since hers is amazing (personal opinion, of course) so she was willing to do some for a few people if they asked. I jumped at the opportunity. Through various emails, I gave her essentially what I wanted and she ran with it. She took a lot of elements from my blog to make a really cool looking button:

This will now be my default picture for all my social media networks as well as the button I will provide for those who wish to promote my blog on their site. I wanted to give a big "omg-I-love-you-and-you-rock" e-hug out to Julianna for being a masterful photoshopper. I am unsure if she is still doing buttons for people, but if she is... dooo it! 

To Julianna at Reading In Twilight!

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