Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ladybug Loot/Book Haul (8)

This is my eighth ladybug loot/book haul. I am starting this post at the beginning of the week and adding books as I get them to it so I do not forget what books I have accumulated. I haven't been adding the e-books I download from Amazon for free (most of them can be found on my Freebie Friday posts) but maybe I will show some of the ones I downloaded in this book haul. Yes?

Books for Review

ARC of The Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by Caroline Lambe at Strange Chemistry)

Books Won

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo - Goodreads / Amazon (won from Kimberly @ The Windy Pages. I just got a personalized copy of this after entering the contest but my co-blogger for this site also wants to read it so I will be sending it to him to read.)
My Sister's Reaper by Dorothy Dreyer - Goodreads / Amazon (won from the author)
ARC of All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry - Goodreads / Amazon (won from Eileen @ MacMillian)
The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti - Goodreads / Amazon (won from author)

Books Bought


The Devil Inside by Jenna Black - Goodreads / Amazon
Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day - Goodreads / Amazon
Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler - Goodreads / Amazon
Darkness Unmasked by Keri Archer - Goodreads / Amazon
Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison - Goodreads / Amazon



The Blemished by Sarah Dalton - Goodreads / Amazon (won on Librarything)
Spellbound and Determined by Dax Varley - Goodreads / Amazon (won on Librarything)
Eternal Service by Regina Morris - Goodreads / Amazon (won on a giveaway [not sure where])
The Survivors by Daniel Harvell - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by author for review)
Surrender by Rhiannon Paille - Goodreads / Amazon (won from the author during Armchair BEA)
Justice by Rhiannon Paille - Goodreads / Amazon (won from the author during Armchair BEA)
ARC of Parasite by Mira Grant - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by NetGalley)
Owlet by Emma Michaels - Goodreads / Amazon (won from author, Anna Silver)
Concealed in the Shadows by Gabrielle Arrowsmith - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by Rebecca @ Clean Teen Publishing)
Double Star by Cindy Saunders - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by Rebecca @ Clean Teen Publishing)
ARC of Steel Lily by Megan Curd - Goodreads / Amazon (provided by author for review)

Thank you to Caroline at Strange Chemistry, Rebecca at Clean Teen Publishing, Kimberly, Dorothy, Eileen at MacMillian, Michelle, Sarah, Dax, Regina, Daniel, Rhiannon, Anna, Rebecca, and Megan for the awesome books this week. I have LOTS of reading to do it seems! Happy reading, Ladybug Literates!

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