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Review: The Genesis by K.L. Kerr

Title: The Genesis

Author: K.L. Kerr

Series: A Blood of Ages #1

ISBN: 9780955984556

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
An Uncontrollable Power. An Unstoppable Corporation. A Vampire God.

The vampires of Dayson city are preparing for war. Having lived in constant fear of the Archway Corporation for decades, desperation has forced them into action. Their solution is to bring the First vampire, Alistair, back from the dead, a warrior famed for eradicating entire armies in the name of his kind.

For fledgling vampire Catrina Malinka, the fabled return of some unknown deity falls low on her list of concerns. Between fending off strangers trying to kill her in her dreams and trying to rein in an uncontrollable power that no one else even understands let alone shares, Catrina is forced to fight her assumed role in the war against Archway, which threatens to send her down a path she doesn’t want to travel.

The first book in The Blood of Ages series, “The Genesis” is an urban fantasy about the inescapable nature of Fate and the corruption of power.

I received this e-book from the author about a month or so ago and just got around to reading it. The problem with e-books is that they tend to be uploaded onto my Kindle and then sometimes forgotten. With physical copies, I see books needing to be reviewed on a constant basis so they are there to remind me. I have started getting more into reading on my Kindle Fire since most of the books I have been getting offered for review or in giveaways are in the e-book format. In summary, I forgot I had this book to read and once finding it I decided to start perusing the e-pages. Boy, was I ever kicking myself for not reading this book sooner.

The story opens a little shakily on Catrina being chased by a man she refers to as her “mark” leading one to believe that she is a hired assassin from the beginning. With reading the synopsis I thought perhaps the gunman and the dark, mysterious stranger who leaps to Catrina’s aid may be a dream. After reading so much young adult romance and paranormal romance I expect the fight to lead to a steamy love scene. Not the case. Instead, the entrance of the stranger turnout to be the doorway to Catrina’s new world as a vampire.

Catrina is thrown into this understand that vampires are real, she is now one of them, oh yeah, and she is to be gateway for the god of all vampires to return to earth and save them from an evil corporation bent on exterminating vampires. No pressure! Poor Catrina has powers no other vampire has, so she not only has to realize what is to be a vampire, but what is to be a vampire with superpowers. No wonder she seems so lost throughout the book!

Throughout Catrina’s experiences in her new vampire life, there was no romance. Not an iota. Not a lingering glance, not a brush of fingertips, nothing. The romance addict in me whimpered, but I scolded her to hush up since not all characters have to be horn dogs all the time. There was a bit of a connection between Catrina and Fox, her maker, which could elude to some sort of romance later down the road, perhaps. But really, I kind of see Catrina and Fox as more of really close friends in “The Genesis”.

Since we are on the topic of Fox, let me just say, he is one stone cold man mountain that I wouldn’t mind scrapping with in the Tournaments, the vampire equivalent of fight club in Catrina and Fox’s Clan. Fox exudes this confidence that is palpable on the pages. He knows who he is, what his responsibilities are, and damned if anyone ever got in his way. I loved that about Fox. He also didn’t turn to man mush with Catrina’s appearance. He stayed true to who he was and was not swept away by a pretty face. Way to stay strong, Fox!

Catrina, on the other hand, was a bit of a conundrum for me. One minute I loved her feisty side and the next I just wished she would follow the rules and save others from further problems. Catrina was a troublemaker, even if she didn’t truly intend to be. She kept Fox and the others of the Clan on their toes, that is for sure.

Overall, this book was superb. The lack of romance did nothing to diminish its quality as a very well written vampire series. Kerr brought governmental control of the populace to the world of fantasy and weaved this story of mythology into existence. Who knew all those things would fit together so perfectly within the pages of “The Genesis”? Certainly not me. A book worthy of any shelf, my ladybug literates!

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