Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday (3)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

So you want to be a blogger... Writing Reviews... What are your tips for writing reviews?

I don't know if I am exactly an expert at writing reviews. I have read a lot of reviews from fellow bloggers and that is where I got my general layout of what I need to discuss in each review. I know that I need to discuss the characters, the summarized story (without spoilers), and also, and most importantly, what I liked and disliked about the book I am reviewing. 

I don't believe there is any absolutely perfect books out there. There is always something in each book that could have been improved or could have been placed elsewhere in the story. I try not to be overly critical with my reviews but sometimes it may come off that way. 

The best advice I can give is that if you are to be a reviewer, you need to be 100% honest. No sugar-coating bad aspects of the book you are reviewing just because you don't want to upset the author or publisher who may have provided the book to you. I had an incredibly hard time with my first one ladybug (one star) review. I kept expecting the author to see my review on twitter (to which all my blog posts automatically post) and yell at me. My negative review was a bit of a poke fun at review instead of an "I hate everything about this book!!" post. 

Another little nugget of advice I can give is to not be too overly worried about making your reviews perfect. This is your blog, your opinion, and your writing piece, you can do what you like with it. I tend to just fly by the seat of my pants when I review a book. No flags in my books, no notes, and no quotes. I read a book. I sit down, turn off all distractions, and write. I give my overall impression of the book and various parts and character features that I liked or disliked. I try to give my readers reasons they may or may not want to read the book. Isn't that the whole point of reviews?

Being a blogger is all about trial and error. Write reviews however you wish to and improve as you go. Good luck to all future bloggers and happy reading!

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