Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bargain Book Sites

I often get asked where to get books that are cheap for budding book blogs (yes, I realize I am in that category). Not all bloggers are comfortable getting Advanced Readers Copies from publishers due to the fact that once you start reviewing for them, they may start sending you unsolicited books they think you might in enjoy adding pressure to an already packed schedule of book reviewing. I am not one of those people, since I will take anything given to me. Of course, if it is something I know for a fact I won't like, I will find a book blogger that would enjoy it to review it for me on their site. Anyway... the point is, not everyone wants to spend an arm and a leg on books. Most people venture into their local libraries to find inexpensive review material, but here are some other sites that I have found or been alerted to that offer inexpensive books to OWN:

1. BookCloseouts
I make this my number one because I use it so often. The prices for brand new books are reasonable and the shipping is $3.99 for the first 1 or 2 items and then $.50 each additional item.

Currently BookCloseouts is having a sale in which their entire Scratch and Dent category (the used books essentially) is 30% off. That means... books that are normally $2.49 are now $1.74. Not bad for a book, eh?

2. Better World Books
This is a site where your purchases are donations sent to various libraries and literary campaigns. Better World Books states "library books are transferred to Better World Books under consignment and sold with a fixed percentage of the net revenue paid to both the library and a non-profit literacy partner. Typical arrangements are 15% of the net sale price to a library and 5% to their chosen literacy partner." That makes your purchases not just a contribution to a library but also a literacy campaign to promote reading. That is a helluva reason to buy from them! In the world today, how many organizations actually cut their profits to benefit non-profit organizations? Not many.

Currently they are also having a promotion in which 3 books from the Bargain bin are being priced at $10 or 4 is $12. Each additional item after that is $3 a piece. This is really good for hardcovers, but keep in mind these ARE used books. They are ex-library books for the most part. Make sure to keep an eye on what quality book you are purchasing (Very Good, Good, Acceptable, etc.)

3. Gohastings
This site is not completely focused on books. There are also CDs, DVDs, Games, Comics, Action Figures, and much more. This is an inexpensive way to stock up on ALL your entertainment devices (yes, they do have e-books too). Their shipping is $.96 for the entire order.

Currently they are having a promotion where you can save 40% if you buy 4 or more used books, CDs, or Movies. Of course this is just one of their promotions. They are also having Buy 2, get 1 free on select teen and young adult books, 30% Recently released music, 20% off The Last Apprentice Books, and 20% off Audio books.

This is another site similar to Better World Books without the donation aspect. Simply put, it is a used book warehouse in various states. Their shipping is free standard rate.

Currently they are having deals in which you can buy a trilogy of books for $9.49. The first 3 Harry Potters, the first 3 Alex Cross, the Di Vinci Code trilogy, and many more.

Those are just 4 off the top of my head. After I do some more research and find some more sites I will be sure to post them so you may purchase some more of your favorite books. I am an advocate for used books. I believe that just because a book is well read that they shouldn't be added to a collection. A book does not have to be pristine to hold a world of magic, mystery, romance, and wonder. Show some love to used books.

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