Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday (7)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

So You Want to Be a Blogger Edition: I want to win! What are your tips for running successful giveaways? What kind of giveaways do you host most often? What type of giveaways are you most likely to enter (swag, physical copies, ebook, etc.)?

First question's first - "What are your tips for running successful giveaways?"

Well, I have only ever done one giveaway. It was INCREDIBLY hard to get people motivated to enter. I don't know if it is because they just weren't interested in the book I was giving away, if I hard entry requests (IE: follow on GFC, follow on Bloglovin, leave a comment, etc), or if I just don't have the following to push a giveaway. Whatever the reason, the only advice I can offer is to set a hefty date span (more time = more opportunities for people to enter) and network, network, network. I post on Twitter (the place I have the most followers) almost every day about my giveaway. I know that some bloggers have noticed me pushing so hard and have thrown me the proverbial bone by retweeting my giveaway posts. Many thanks, guys, truly. So... 1) hefty date span and 2) network HARD are my words of advice.

Second question - "What kind of giveaways do you host most often?"

As I said, I have only hosted one and it was for a physical copy of "Generation V" by M.L. Brennan. I had to make the giveaway US only because the postage to send a physical copy overseas would be insane (I think). Can't do that right out of the gate. I actually had a friend of mine and follower ask when I would have an international giveaway. I told her I would eventually save up enough money (I am a poor college student after all) and host some giftcard giveaways which are the easiest for international giveaways. She was thrilled. Better put my money where my mouth in and back up what I promised, eh?

Third, and final, question - "What type of giveaways are you most likely to enter (swag, physical copies, ebook, etc.)?"

Honestly, I enter all of them. It may seem like I am being greedy by entering all the giveaways I see on my fellow blogger's sites, but I want to show support for them. Of course, I wish I were that saintly and that was the ONLY reason I entered so many giveaways. I enter so many because the odds of winning giveaways when there are hundreds or thousands of entries are low. The more I enter, the better chances of winning something. Giveaways are what give me new and interesting reading material to review (yes, I do review everything I get on giveaways). I always tag the site I won the prize from on my Ladybug Loot/Book Hauls as yet another way to give back to the site that hosted the giveaway. If I win something, I make sure to be appreciative. 

Another point of reference (yes, I am starting to feel I am defending myself lol), if I win something I already have I will tell the host and have them pick a new winner. I don't accept extras just to turn around and give them away on my site and build my following. To me that's not fair to the host. The only time I kept the duplicate was when I knew a fellow blogger who wanted the book and I gave it to them. As long as the host and the author are compensated I am content. 

So, what do my ladybug literates think of giveaways?

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