Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (9)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and features different book related themes each week. This week the theme is:

Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

I am a strong follower of the philosophy that the books are always better than the movies. Some directors and producers take a book that was head-and-tails about the rest in its genre and turn it into mainstream crap that ruins the entire experience. There are quite a few movies I have watched after reading the books that devastated me. I kept swearing to my friends and family, "the book is so much better! Don't write it off! Please!" It's unfortunate that this occurs more often than not... So much of these are going to be the WORST movie adaptations, although if some of the best come to mind, I will throw those in.

This was by far the WORST book to movie adaptation I have ever witnessed. 
They took out key elements to the romance, huge chunks of the storyline that made the book work so well, and even vital characters like Boo Radley! I will never watch this movie again, but I will read the book over and over again.

This was not even close to the utter crap that Beautiful Creatures was. The book was great, despite my hesitation with reading another Stephenie Meyer series. And the movie was not that horrendous either.

I am sorry but Leonardo DiCaprio ruined this adaptation of the Fitzgerald classic. I am not a fan of his work in general but the work he did on this movie... *sighs* why can't we find decent actors to play parts for classic reads such as this?

Alright, Hollywood, I see what you did there. Instead of encompassing a bunch of different story lines that made World War Z a book worthy of making a movie about, you picked one... sure, forget the others in the book, who needs 'em? ME! 

Another movie that only goes on the bare essentials of the book and casts all the meager details aside. Oh, and let's not forget to completely mess up the ending. Meh.

Ha, the movie where Reese Witherspoon said Robert Pattinson is a bad kisser. Best thing that came out of the movie. The movie wasn't THAT bad but, again, they took out key parts of the story that left me a little annoyed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but the book had a lot more internal dialogue from "R". I would say this is one of the BETTER movie adaptations, but not the best.

The book was best (naturally), the old movie/tv series was good, and the newest one was pretty with the computer animated graphics but not so great with following the story.

I grew up reading Mr. Popper's Penguins. I read that book until it fell to pieces so when I saw a movie was coming out about it my inner-child squeed. I did not squee when I saw the movie. :(

I know most people don't want to see the gory details of how the girl was killed in the book, but... the movie glossed over it so fast that I didn't even realize it had happened until she was all ghostie-like... So odd. They should have just upped the rating on the movie and given a LITTLE more detail so the audience knew what was going on.

I realize some of these may have been others' favorite adaptations and that is fine. Just because I found fault in the movies compared to the books does not mean that everyone feels the same. That's the great thing about opinions... everyone's is different. :) 

What are some book to movie adaptations you find to be the best or worst? Do you agree or disagree with any of the worst ones I picked? Tell me in the comments. 

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