Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday (8)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

What are your tips for authors as far as contacting bloggers for reviews? What do you appreciate the most when working with authors? What do you like the least?

Oh, wow. What a topic. I have gotten contacted by authors on various social media outlets. Twitter. E-mail. Goodreads. They are all generally the same approach. "I saw you liked [insert book here]" or "I noticed your review on [book title entered]" and then the request follows. That is what I believe, generally, encompasses what an author should do when requesting a blogger to review their book. Most authors are incredibly sweet and generous in their requests so, even if I have a pile of books to review already, I will accept and try to pencil it into my schedule. Some tips I would offer are:

1) Give the blogger some background on your book. Tell us what genres it falls into, a brief synopsis, or possibly even what makes the book stand out among others of its kind. The general idea is to make the book sound so interesting how can a reviewer refuse?

2) Have the book in various formats to fit every possible reviewers needs if they are e-books. Epubs, Mobis, Pdfs, etc. Not every reviewer has the same e-reader device. However awesome that may sound. I have gotten a few review requests in which the author gave me a .pdf when I need .mobi format for my Kindle fire. I have even gotten e-books that haven't been formatted at all. I had to download Kindle Previewer in order to convert the e-book and send it to my Kindle. It was a hassle and there is always the possibility that a reviewer will be so frustrated with the situation that they won't be able to enjoy the author's work as much as they would have. I have since gotten over my frustrations so I can give an open and honest review for the books I received those ways.

3) Take time to converse with the reviewer. I know as an author it may be tedious and time consuming to talk to a bunch of people in order to get your work noticed, but it never hurts to try to form bonds with reviewers. Some day their review may be what makes a flip-flopping customer decide to purchase a book.

4) Ask a reviewer if they are accepting requests. I generally accept all requests because I am new and I tend to want to help every author that contacts me out. It may be easier just to send out a mass e-mail to book bloggers with your book included, but that's a little like a used car salesman. Pushy.

Those are just a few tips off the top of my head. I love authors who contact me for reviews. For the most part, I am open to getting the word out on any book (regardless of whether I enjoy that particular genre of book or not) because I real literature is a dwindling art and that not as many people see its importance what with video games, computers, and TV always readily available. 

I think I have pretty well covered everything. 

What are some tips you would give for authors who wish to request reviews from book bloggers? Are there any things that could turn you off to a review request or cause you to give it more notice than normal?

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