Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday (15)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

So you want to be a blogger edition... how do you keep control of your book intake?

Ha, in a word? I don't. I am only 4 or 5 months into book blogging, so when I got involved in the blogging community and especially in the part where I have authors submitting requests for me review their work, I accepted pretty much anything that came my way. I wasn't sure how many opportunities I was going to have so I accepted everything. That and the fact that I have a serious book collecting problem.

Of course, now I am paying for that. I have so many books to read and with being a college student and working it is difficult to get everything read in a timely manner. I tend to focus on the books that are set to be released soon, FIRST. I realize that those need the biggest buzz since they are being freshly put out on the market. That doesn't mean I don't read books that have already been released. I just prioritize them a little lower than the ones set to release in the next few days or weeks. I have several ebook copies of books I was giving for review that I have yet to get to. I am TRYING but, I got a huge load of ARCs from NetGalley, publishers, and other authors that have completely consumed my time. 

I really do need to learn to manage my book intake better. Perhaps I will read a few other Tell me Something Tuesday-ites and get some tips for myself. I do realize that you need to make sure you have the extra time to accommodate books you receive for review. You are getting these books for free for an honest review. Don't forget about them.

Hopefully as I grow as a blogger I will learn to make a better time table for my book intake so I am not so swamped every month... I blame it on my book hoarding!

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