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Freebie Friday: Teen & Young Adult - Science Fiction & Fantasy (6)

Sixth week of Teen & Young Adult - Science Fiction & Fantasy. I am afraid to see how many I will have to promote once I get to Paranormal since it is one of my favorite genres (aside from this one, clearly).

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Title: Tomorrow's Guardian

Author: Richard Denning

Series: Hourglass Institute #1

When schoolboy Tom Oakley discovers he can transport himself through time, he draws the attention of evil men who seek to bend history to their will. Tom's family are obliterated and he soon faces an impossible choice: to save the world he must sacrifice his family.

Title: The Synthesis

Author: Jason Letts

Series: Powerless #1

Mira Ipswich couldn't have ever known the startling difference that separates her from the rest of humanity. But when she discovers a strange anomaly in the midst of her seclusion, her parents are forced to reveal she exists in a world where everyone is imbued with a wondrous natural gift. Everyone except herself that is. Accompany Mira as she attempts to fit in among peers and understand her inconceivable condition embroil her with the dangerous forces threatening her homeland. Protected by nothing more than her imagination and ingenuity, you'll never find a superhero more like you.

The first book in the Powerless series is the tale of Mira's turbulent and perilous entry into the world around her. And once she's a part of it, nothing will ever be the same again.

Title: Dark World

Author: Danielle Q. Lee

Series: Dark World Trilogy #1

A beautiful monster.

That's what Scarlet Prince became after she was damned to a nocturnal world crawling with sphinxes, gargoyles, and necromancers. If only she'd heeded the warning of the local legend, none of this would have happened.

With a dark destiny haunting her and unearthly power she can't control, she is torn between freeing the inhabitants of Dark World and satiating her lust for souls, until she finds the one thing she never expected in a war-torn netherworld: Love.

Only he's the enemy. Loving him could very well destroy the entire realm--and every human on earth.

Title: Tempest

Author: Holly Hook

Series: The Destroyers #1

Sixteen-year-old Janelle never thought the grey spiral birthmark on her arm meant anything special. That is, until she meets Gary, a boy her age with a birthmark exactly like hers. Gary's attractive, brooding, and perfectly normal... except for the fact that he materialized out of a dangerous hurricane right in front of her. Janelle's certain of only one thing. Gary's mark--and hers, too--mean something, but he's reluctant to tell her what.

At last she squeezes the truth from Gary about their markings. And the truth is utterly terrifying: Janelle and Gary are more connected to the destructive power of nature than she ever dreamed possible. And learning the truth about herself is only the start of her nightmare.

Title: The Week I Was A Vampire

Author: Brittney Dussault

It all starts with Judith Carstairs goes to a party on Sunday night (which she's pretty sure she's going to hell for) and ends with her being turned into a vampire... sort of.

Jude has a week to make it through the transition period without drinking blood if she wants to be human again, but with an English test, a delicious smelling best friend, and her handsome sire with a baby sister who hates her, it's going to be hard to keep her cool.

Then there's the fact her parent are getting home from a business trip on Saturday, and oh yeah, there's that one werewolf named Kyle...

Suddenly, hell seems the least of Jude's worries.

Hope you all enjoy this Freebie Friday offers!

Disclaimer: Title prices are subject to change without notice so what may have been free when this post was written may no longer be the case. If the price has changed please contact the blog poster so they may remove the title from their post to avoid further confusion. Thank you!

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