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Review: Chasing the Shadows by Keri Arthur @NetGalley

Title: Chasing the Shadows

Author: Keri Arthur

Series: Nikki & Michael #3

Publication date: September 24th, 2013

ISBN: 9780440246534

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):

Nikki James is in San Francisco at the request of her partner and best friend, Jake. The wife of an old friend is missing, and Jake intends to find her--whatever the cost. The authorities believe the kidnappings to be the work of a sick mind, but Nikki knows that the truth is something much worse--especially since she seems to have an unexpected psychic link to the killer. But as always, she is more than willing to risk her own life to save another's.

For Michael Kelly, Nikki's bravado is a source of endless terror. He wants nothing more than to make Nikki a permanent part of his life, but he knows that her quest is sure to get her killed. As they chase through the sewers and tunnels of San Francisco and the body count begins to rise, Michael badgers her to stay off the case, but Nikki has no intention of complying. She wants him to realize that she's either a full partner in his life or she's out. But nothing prepares her for the price she has to pay for her stubbornness--the life of someone she loves.

I received an e-copy of this book from the publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have had an infatuation with Keri Arthur from her Riley Jensen Guardian series to it's subsequent Dark Angels spin-off and now the her Nikki and Michael series. From what I understand these books were published some time ago but are getting a bit of a face-lift and being re-released. It was the perfect opportunity for me to read some more of her writings. The first too books I have read and reviewed and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed them. I had to pick up the rest of the series to know what happens with two of my favorite characters (Nikki & Michael) after what seemed like a rather happy ending in the second book.

Nikki and Michael pick up where the last book left off. Michael is going away to do business with his, essentially, secret organization and Nikki is trying to recover from the stigma of losing some of her clients due to tragic circumstances. Michael is given a case in which a seeming pack of vampires has been kidnapping, ransoming, and then subsequently murdering well established women. When he returns home with a heavy heart knowing he will have to leave Nikki once more he discovers she's already two steps ahead of him and on a plane heading for San Francisco.

Nikki is filled in on the situation by her best friend, Jake, who knew the husband of one of the kidnapped women from college. Nikki is happy to have gotten out of the house finally despite it being under tragic circumstances. She knows that it's only a matter of time before Michael gets the note she left him and follows her here. All she wants is to feel useful again and since Michael won't allow her to do that on his cases, she can certainly find her own.

With Nikki and Michael at an impasse in their relationship and a psychotic master vampire and his loop (harem) of vampire spawns on the loose, the pair have their work cut out for them.

As with the other two books, I enjoyed this book. It continued Nikki and Michael's relationship and gave them a few hiccups in the road. Nothing is more dull than a love story that is just smooth sailing the entire time. There has to be some animosity, some heat, and some drama to keep me intrigued. This book did that. That coupled with a vampire with odd, and a bit immature, reasons for murdering women and mutilating them, was 352 pages of fine reading. I don't think Keri Arthur is capable of putting out a substandard novel and she is starting to forever become one of my favorite authors.

Chasing the Shadows showcases trouble in paradise for the dynamic, and unusual, coupling of Nikki & Michael as well as a vampire psychopath bent on revenge in the most heinous ways possible. It is a book that will leave a lasting impression to say the least.

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