Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Wings of Fire by Caris Roane

Title: Wings of Fire

Author: Caris Roane

Series: Guardians of Ascension #3

Publication date: August 30th, 2011

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
By night, the winged warrior Antony Medichi fights the death vampires that threaten his world. By day, he hunts the rogue vampires who invade Mortal Earth. But deep in his heart rages the fiercest battle of all--his soul-searing passion for the one mortal he is sworn to protect... the one woman he is doomed to love.

Parisa Lovejoy is so beautiful, and so powerful, that Anthony cannot fight the feelings she arouses. But his unexpected love only intensifies his strength as her Guardian--a strength that is put to the ultimate test when Parisa is abducted. Her captor, Commander Greaves, enslaves mortal women for their blood. If Parisa hopes to survive--and ascend--she must forge an even deeper bond with Antony... in the flames of eternity.
Caris Roane's Wings on Fire is sizzling, passionate paranormal romance.

I bought this book for participation in my local Paranormal Romance Book Club. 

Since my book club has found this series interesting we are continuing on throughout the series and following the Warriors of Blood as they find their breh hedden mates. I am always curious about the differences in each of the love stories. Normally they have a general romance feel to them where there are obstacles in the way of a couple coming together and it is a matter of them getting over those hurdles to be together and live happily ever after. I wanted to see what happened to one of the warriors I liked from the start, Warrior Medichi.

The last book left off where Parisa had been kidnapped right from under her Guardian's nose. This book continues on with that story line by showing Antony struggling to cope with Parisa's absence and his desperation to find her at any cost. He foregoes sleep and other activities he once enjoyed in order to hunt down leads on where he can find the woman who stole his heart. When he finally gets a lead worth following he can't get to Parisa soon enough. 

All the while, Parisa is in a luxurious hell. Yes, she is well taken care of (when she obeys) but a gilded cage is still a cage. She looks up at the sky in the gardens she frequents and longs for the courage to spread her wings and fly away. The man keeping her, Rith, is a powerful one and she knows if she even attempts it she will not get far and will surely die because of it. Rith seems to be chomping at the bit to rid his home and his world of her existence. All she can do is practice her flying skills and live for the one moment at night where she can reach Antony through her voyeurism powers. 

War is raging and Antony and Parisa are only two people smack in the middle of it. But destiny has more in store for the two than just a love that knows no bounds. Antony and Parisa are foretold to bring peace to their world through their royle wings. Can Antony get to Parisa and save her before not just their future is demolished but their world as a whole?

I didn't like this book as much as I had hoped I would. In every book there is some sort of commitment issues that cause the two people to shy away from their mate bond. Usually it is centered around the man's guilt over losing a loved one (normally a wife or child). But it seemed in this book, it was more so Parisa who had the issues and pulled away. Don't get me wrong, Antony had his issues too (big ones), but Parisa was the main person to try to end what was developing between them. I didn't understand it. Her back story is centered around her never having friends or lovers because she traveled a lot. Uh, okay? So that means you can't finally have both of those in a very handsome package... why? I just didn't understand it which made the whole push-and-pull of their relationship a bit frustrating. I found myself rolling my eyes on a number of occasions when Parisa would start retreating.

Parisa is not my favorite female lead by any stretch of the imagination. I actually found her kind of obnoxious which almost ruined the entire book for me. But... I am a sucker for this series. I can't put them down even when I am raging at their characters. I love the world as a whole and getting to see some of my favorite characters, like Kerrick, Marcus, Havily, and Alison, makes it a great series. I love when previous characters still appear and carry on with their stories (albeit in less detail). 

The series is a big thumbs up, Wings of Fire was a middle of the road for me solely based on Parisa being a headcase.

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