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Freebie Friday: Mystery, Thriller, & Espionage - Thrillers (5)

Week Five of Mystery, Thriller, & Espionage - Thriller freebies!

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Author: Nathan Williams

Lukas Dvorak—pacifist, scientist, and circus acrobat— is living his ideal life working as a research analyst for his employer Brooklyn Capital Management, an obscure Wall Street firm located away from the Wall Street establishment in Brooklyn, New York. On an ordinary weekday, this life is inexplicably turned upside down when he is abducted and accused of stealing $15 million from his employer. Faced with a new reality, Dvorak must rely on his own wits and resourcefulness developed from his past experiences as a refugee from war-torn Grozny, Chechnya and as a young American immigrant.

Dvorak is pitted against enemies seen and unseen as he races to track down the identity of his abductors before his past catches up with him. Dvorak receives help in some unlikely places and from an interesting cast of characters as he transforms into his new role as problem solver and escape artist. As he fights his personal struggle for survival, he finds more within himself than he could have ever anticipated.

Title: Breaking Limbo

Author: Kelly O'Callan

"You can't cheat your way into heaven - or lie your way out of hell."

Eleven souls, suicide victims resulting from various issues including: bullying, unwanted teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and sexual abuse awaken from a cocoon-like state, to find themselves on a mysterious realm named Destaris. An Oshlu (spirit guide), named Maree, has been appointed to assist the fallen souls, who are universally intertwined through life experience. The teens must complete their self-interrupted spiritual journey in order to free themselves from the limbo-like realm and move on to the next. Oblivious to their soul’s true desire, they are put through a series of tests that will ultimately deliver them, one by one, through a porthole to their final destination, Heaven or Hell. The group, quite content being free of their earth burdens, soon realize that they cannot escape their biggest nightmare: the inability to escape themselves. They race against time to complete their testing for spiritual growth, for the longer they remain on Destaris, the more they must cope with the return of their former earth burdens. On Destaris, these past hardships re-emerge with a cruel psychedelic twist, as the realm holds unknown bizarre powers beyond those of a simple Earth. Many resist cooperating, for fear of being claimed by the Devil, and become deeper entrenched within their limbo state. This frustrates Maree, as she needs to free every trapped soul in Destaris before she is freed herself. She loses patience when several become uncooperative, tempting her to force the teens out through any porthole she can.

Title: Cade

Author: Liliana Hart

Series: The MacKenzie Brothers #6

Cade MacKenzie is prepared to give his life to destroy the cartel that killed his lover, but the only way to draw them out is to present them with the perfect bait.

Bayleigh Scott has no idea who her new neighbor is, only that her body is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain, and the danger that surrounds him isn’t the deterrent she knows it should be.

More than fireworks explode between Cade and Bayleigh when she discovers the real reason he relentlessly pursued her, but by then it’s too late, because she’s already been drawn into a deadly game of desire, deception and revenge.

Title: The Illegal

Author: A.K. Dawson

It’s Kate Walker’s first day as a member of the Home Office Enforcement Team and she has been given a job to do. She not only has to evict an asylum seeker from the flat where he lives, but from the country.

The problem is that the immigrant, Vincent Mpolo, doesn’t want to comply. He manages to escape and Kate is blamed for his flight.

When it is discovered that Vincent left a dead body behind, Kate decides that she has to track him down. Professional pride is at stake and something else too: Kate isn’t entirely sure that Vincent is the murderer.

Her search takes her to the UK border and she soon finds out that it’s one thing for an illegal immigrant to enter the country, but quite another to escape.

The Illegal is a fast-paced thriller set in North East England. It is a full-length novel.

Title: Stalking Sapphire

Author: Mia Thompson

“I loved this book, I liked the style, I enjoyed the characters and I'm so pleased this is book 1 of a series” —Clare Parrott

“[Sapphire Dubois] kicks butt and takes names. You wouldn't expect that from a spoiled, rich girl… I loved this book.” —Ionia Martin

Despite the illusion Sapphire Dubois presents to the rest of the world, she is not just your stereotypical 22-year old Beverly Hills heiress; she hunts serial killers. While her fellow heirs spend their nights with trending celebs and drugs at the hottest club, Sapphire secretly spends hers luring, capturing, and anonymously handing over So-Cal’s most wanted killers to the police — just your average Tuesday night.

What Sapphire doesn’t know is that one of her adversaries is watching her every move, aware of both her true identity and her unconventional hobby. Needless to say, he doesn’t approve. Used to being the one who redefines the definition of predator and prey, Sapphire’s world abruptly shatters when a gruesome ‘gift’ arrives for her at the Beverly Hills Country Club. With her involuntary crush, handsome Detective Aston Ridder, close on her tail, Sapphire now has to rethink her routine strategy and figure out how to capture a killer who already knows she’s coming.

Hope you all enjoy this Freebie Friday offers!

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Waiting On Wednesday (39)

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine. This is a once-a-week look at the book(s) I am anxiously awaiting release.

"The Haven" by Carol Lynch Williams

This book is to be released March 4th, 2014. It is a stand-alone novel.

For the teens at The Haven, the outside world, just beyond the towering stone wall that surrounds the premises, is a dangerous unknown. It has always been this way, ever since the hospital was established in the year 2020. But The Haven is more than just a hospital; it is their home. It is all they know. Everything is strictly monitored: education, exercise, food, and rest. The rules must be followed to keep the children healthy, to help control the Disease that has cast them as Terminals, the Disease that claims limbs and lungs--and memories.

But Shiloh is different; she remembers everything. Gideon is different, too. He dreams of a cure, of rebellion against the status quo. What if everything they've been told is a lie? What if The Haven is not the safe place it claims to be? And what will happen if Shiloh starts asking dangerous questions?

I have heard good things about the author, Carol Lynch Williams. I have not actually read anything by her though. Which is the sad case with a lot of good authors. Too many books, not enough hours in the day. But I do plan to read this book when I can. It sounds like a fun futuristic dystopian novel. I always like a good "plaguish" book as well.

What are you "Waiting On" this Wednesday?

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Tell Me Something Tuesday (24)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

So You Want to Be a Blogger Edition: What are your tips for contacting authors and publishers for interviews, ARCs, etc.?

First and foremost, if you are contacting authors or publishers for ARCs, be professional. Do not use a bunch of chatspeak or incomplete sentences. You want them to know you are actually a writer of merit if you are going to ask them for books to review. Show them your writing skills in the letter. 

Second, make sure you include your follower statistics so they know how established you are. Obviously, the more followers you have, the more likely they are going to give you ARCs for you to review. They aren't going to waste the money shipping ARCs out to those they don't feel will build the buzz the book needs. 

Third, include your mailing address. Publishers will not waste time reaching out to you normally in order to acquire your address. Odds are they won't even reach out to let you know whether to expect the books you are requesting or not. They are very busy people and any break you can cut them, will be much appreciated.

Fourth, do not request a bunch of books every week and expect to get them. I normally only request books once every two to three months. That is just my personal preference though. Some bloggers may request as much as once a month. 

Finally, try not to be intimidated. Authors and publishers can be a bit intimidating when you think of requesting materials or interviews from them. Just be polite, courteous, and personable. You'd be surprised what such small mannerisms can do in the long haul.

What are some blogger tips you may have on requesting ARCs or interviews from publishers and authors?

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (39)

"It's Monday! What are you reading?" is a meme hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey
Only reading a physical book right now :)

The End by G. Michael Hopf
Series: The New World #1
Format: Paperback
Publication date: January 7th, 2014
Provided for review and blog tour by publishers.

What would you do to survive?

Young Gordon Van Zandt valued duty and loyalty to country above all, so after 9/11, he dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps. This idealism vanished one fateful day in a war-torn city in Iraq. Ten years later, he is still struggling with the ghosts of his past when a new reality is thrust upon him and his family: North America, Europe and the Far East have all suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack, which causes catastrophic damage to the nation's power grid and essential infrastructures. Everything from cell phones to cars to computers cease to function, putting society at a standstill.

With civilization in chaos, Gordon must fight for the limited and fast dwindling resources. He knows survival requires action and cooperation with his neighbors, but as the days wear on, so does all sense of civility within his community--and so he must make some of the most difficult decisions of his life in order to ensure his family's safety.

What are you reading this Monday?

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Blog Tour with Reviews: The World of Nightwalkers Series (Forbidden, Forever, and Forsaken) by Jacquelyn Frank @TLCBookTours @JacquelynFrank

Title: Forbidden

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Series: The World of Nightwalkers #1

ISBN: 9780345517692

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes this first book in The World of the Nightwalkers--an exciting and sensual new spin-off series in which the Bodywalkers, an ancient race of the night, battles the evil forces who prey on them.

The unexpected happens in an instant. On her way to work, secretary Docia Waverley hurtles into a crashing crossroads, and she quickly begins to suspect that things will never be the same. Then, when a tall, blond, muscular stranger intervenes on her behalf, telling her it is his duty to protect her at all cost, what is just a feeling turns to proof positive. That is, as long as Docia's savior doesn't turn out to be a crazed kidnapper.

When Ram finds Docia, he has no doubt that she is his queen. But as this golden warrior sweeps in to protect her, he feels something more than body heat every time they touch. He is overwhelmed by a searing connection that goes deep into the twin souls inside him. A desire rises in him that is forbidden--this woman is his queen, the mate of his king, his leader, his best friend. And yet Docia is so vulnerable and attractive that she awakens a hunger in Ram that is undeniable, a carnal craving he cannot yield to... not without risking the very survival of the Bodywalkers.

I received a physical copy of this book from the publishers via the blog host's request in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tour.

When I first heard about the World of the Nightwalkers series tour, I was excited to finally read something by Jacquelyn Frank. I had heard wonderful things from various people in my paranormal romance book club and I jumped at the chance. Little did I know that the series was a spin-off of a 6-book series before that. Upon reading the first few pages, I realized I better read the first series if I had any hope of understand this new world and the characters they may be referencing. So I purchased the books from the previous series and started to read. I was hooked, but came to find out quickly that reading the first series was not a necessity, it was simply recommended. The world of the Bodywalkers is much different and fascinating.

In the world of the Bodywalkers, Egyptian souls have the ability of entering one's body when they are close to death. But only if they receive permission from their host. The host is presented a choice. Go into death knowing everything they wished of their lives was fulfilled or share their body with a Bodywalker and gain powers the likes of which they never would have imagined. Docia, after a traumatic experience, was presented with this same option and with her brother, Jackson, weighing heavily on her mind and the thirst for vengeance to those who harmed her clenching her heart, she agreed to the terms. Of course, afterwards she has no memory of the event. So it is increasingly strange when a golden god of a man comes out of nowhere and declares her his queen.

That is enough to unnerve anyone. Docia is left with yet another decision, leave her home with her brother to learn more about this new voice inside her head and the world the handsome stranger talks about, or run away screaming. One look at Ram and any girl would make the same decision Docia did and go with him.

Ram feels some sort of unbelievable draw to Docia. He is not supposed to feel anything but respect for the vessel of his queen. And yet... Ram finds himself toeing the line of a moral dilemma. Follow his heart to Docia or follow his brain and stick to his loyalty to his king and his people.

But that is, of course, not all there is to this story. Ram and his people are at war with a split group of Bodywalkers called Templars. Templars are Bodywalkers who focus more on magic and religion than the laws and rules of the Bodywalker world as Ram's Politic Bodywalkers. The Templars believe ridding themselves of the heinous Politics would being them closer to their deity and nothing will stop them in that pursuit.

Ram and Docia must struggle not just with their mounting attractions for each other but also contend with the war between their people.

To be quite honest, I don't know how I feel about a love story that kind of involves four people. The two original hosts and the two Bodywalker spirits. That seems like two too many people involved, call me old fashioned. Does the concept upset me so much that I can't enjoy the book? No, not at all. But it does make me grimace from time to time. I am a steadfast monogamist and this just seems a little too free and easy for my liking. However, the overall world of the Bodywalkers is incredibly interesting. It's always fun to learn about new Nightwalker races, as I found in the Nightwalker series.

Forbidden is a book that toes the line between quirky kink and sultry everlasting love.

Available at:
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg photo KoboIcon_zps515cdc1a.jpg

Title: Forever

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Series: The World of Nightwalkers #2

ISBN: 9780345534903

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
After being brought back from death, police officer Jackson Waverly receives the shock of his life: he has become host to a Bodywalker, a spirit that is reborn in flesh and blood, and part of a proud, ancient race that uses its extraordinary gifts to battle dark, evil forces. Jackson's spirit is a powerful one--none other than the Egyptian pharaoh Menes, who longs to reunite with his eternal love, the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.

While Menes is obsessed with finding the perfect vessel for his queen, Jackson cannot stop thinking about Dr. Marissa Anderson, the gorgeous precinct shrink who keeps pushing him to confront his grief over the loss of his K-9 partner. But when Marissa really arouses most in Jackson is intense desire, which is exactly what Menes is looking for. To fight a great enemy, pharaoh and queen must join; but to host Hatshepsut, Marissa will first have to die. Fate has given Jackson a profound choice: save Marissa from Menes' plan or keep an entire species from the brink of extinction.

I received a physical copy of this book from the publishers via the blog host's request in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tour.

I got through the first book without too many issues with the four spirits, two bodies dilemma. I have to say, I was a little weary going into the second book, especially with the synopsis talking about having to kill the woman that the original host was in love with in order for her to host the queen counterpart spirit to his king. That just has drama written all over it. Not to mention, I couldn't even imagine how exactly he would come to ask her for such a thing. "Hey baby, you're kind of hot, will you die and host the spirit of my alterego's queen? Pretty please?" I absolutely had to find out more about this story.

Jackson died and came back with a Bodywalker king living contentedly inside him. He was moderately okay with that. What he wasn't okay with was the fact that he would have to give up on his infatuation with the precinct psychiatrist in order to commit his heart and body to Menes' queen whenever she were to appear. He was struggling with the need to get closer to her while also knowing it cannot be anything permanent. He wouldn't ask her to host Hatshepsut's spirit. He would not disrupt her life in such a way. But what his head and his heart are telling him to do, not to mention the commentary from Menes who finds Marissa to be the perfect host for his queen, are completely different.

Marissa has always had a thing for the strong K-9 officer at her work. She couldn't explain why she was having such a hard time resisting him, but resist she must. She is his psychiatrist after he lost his K-9 partner in a tragic event and cannot cross that patient-doctor line. She must keep things professional. A tactic she has learned to use in many an uncomfortable emotional situation. But when faced with the otherworldly power of the spirit inside Jackson and what that spirit is capable of doing, she must wonder if what is professionally ethical is really what is keeping her away from him. Jackson is a frightening man all by himself to Marissa, add to that one royal alpha male and it makes for a very potent combination that makes Marissa question whether distance from Jackson is truly what she wants.

With the reappearance of Menes, the Bodywalker king, the Templars are quick to attempt to send him back to the Ether before his queen can join him, even if that means awakening an evil the likes of which the world has never known.

This book in the series focused a lot more on how Bodywalker sex can be odd. Ultimately the host is not just having sex with the other host, but also the Bodywalker... if sex is between two Bodywalkers, that is a whole lot of different personalities all mixed in there. What happens if one likes it one way and the other another? I couldn't see how any of that could be any more confusing. And I struggled even more with this book that the last, however, the connection between Marissa and Jackson seemed more real (if that's even possible in this sort of situation) than the one between Ram and Docia. I found myself falling in love with Jackson's quick wit as well as Menes's sexual innuendos. I started to (kinda, sorta) grasp how the Bodywalker and the host kind of compliment each other. I found the insight into the Templars that was given to show them in a new light. Not all of them are bloodthirsty zealots bent on world destruction.

Forever is the perfect middle story. It fluffs out the details of the Bodywalker race and couples that with yet another steamy romance.

Available at:
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg photo KoboIcon_zps515cdc1a.jpg

Title: Forsaken

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Series: The World of Nightwalkers #3

ISBN: 9780345534910

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank continues her scorching and sensual new series set in the world of the Nightwalkers, where alluring entities known as Bodywalkers are the vanguards against the raging forces of darkness.

As a mercenary, Leo Alvarez has signed on for a lot--but he never signed on for his best friend becoming host to the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Jackson is now inhabited by a Bodywalker, and Leo is forced to grapple with a realm of supernatural beings far more dangerous than anything he's ever encountered.

But when Jackson is wounded by an attack from a demon god, Leo must team up with another supernatural creature--a Night Angel--to save his friend from utter destruction. With skin as black as midnight, hair as white as snow, and a body of pure perfection, the Night Angel arouses a burning desire in Leo, even as he refuses to be intimidated by her power--or the power of those who would destroy his friend. An unusual alliance is forged, electrified by sexual temptation, and together the two must unite their strengths to bring down a supreme evil.

I received a physical copy of this book from the publishers via the blog host's request in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tour.

I had only heard about Leo in passing in the first two books. All I knew was that he was a mercenary that went through and incredible ordeal in Forever. I knew after that experience that he would have issues with most of the Bodywalkers due to the actions of one. I couldn't imagine him actually letting himself fall in love with any superhuman creature, but according to the synopsis he does. I had to find out how this came about.

Leo is deep in the self-loathing abyss in which he has resided since his release from a torturous few days. He doesn't know who to trust anymore now that he knows about the Nightwalker world. He doesn't even know if he can trust his best childhood friend, Jackson, and Jackson's baby sister that he helped raise, Docia. Everyone and everything is foreign to him. And foreign equals an enemy and a force to fight. His feelings on Nightwalker creatures starts to change with the appearance of a Dark Angel ironically named Faith. After Jackson is critically wounded it is up to him and Faith to set out on a journey to find a source who may heal the fallen pharaoh and his best friend. Along the way Leo must confront his prejudices about the Bodywalkers and also fight his mounting feelings for the noir skinned beauty beside him.

Faith knows Leo's type. He is too busy passing judgment on others to really get to know them. She has no reason to allow him to get to know her either. Unfortunately, she seems to have as many prejudices about the human race as Leo does about Nightwalkers. She knows the future of the Nightwalkers rests on the shoulders of the wounded Jackson/Menes. What she doesn't know is what her future holds with the hispanic killer she is starting to grow rather fond of.

Can Faith and Leo overcome both of their prejudices and stubbornness to get to the love that could be a possibility between these two unlikely people?

I absolutely love Leo. He is one of my favorite characters. He is comical as well as deadly. He reminds me a lot of Edward from the Anita Blake series. We get to see a different side of him in Forsaken. We get to see a healthy dose of vulnerability in a man you would never think to be that weak. We see Leo come to grips with a world in which the only family he knows is a part of. We also see Leo start to open up and let someone in. A woman who he despised only because of her inhuman-like existence.

Faith was a fun addition to the cast. She was not quirky like Docia and was not overly serious to the point of being stiff like Marissa. She was blunt but also very sweet. I think she's my favorite female character to date.

I thoroughly enjoyed Forsaken for it's psychological attributes carefully woven into the plot of a stellar work of fiction.

Available at:
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg photo KoboIcon_zps515cdc1a.jpg

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About the Author:
Jacquelyn Frank is the New York Times bestselling author of the World of Nightwalkers series (Forbidden, Forever, and Forsaken), the Three Worlds series (Seduce Me in Dreams and Seduce Me in Flames), the Nightwalker series (Adam, Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Damien, and Noah), the Shadowdwellers novels (Ecstasy, Rapture, and Pleasure), and the Gatherers novels (Hunting Julian and Stealing Katherine). She lives in North Carolina and has been writing romantic fiction ever since she picked up her first teen romance at age thirteen.

Hosted by:

Release Day Event: Wish For You by Marquita Valentine @MarquitaVal

Hosted by:

Wish For You by Marquita Valentine
Series: Boys of the South #4
Publication date: January 18th, 2014
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary / Romance

There's only one place in the world Lacey Evans feels normal--the roller derby track. When she laces up her skates and fastens her helmet, she feels powerful and in charge. She knows exactly what to do and say. The rules are clear and penalties are given for those who don't follow them. But in the real world, she's far from powerful and in charge. She never knows exactly what to do or say. For years, she counted on one person to be exactly who he said he was--her best friend, Wyatt Tanaka. Only she changed the rules on him, without any warning, and now she's the one being punished.

Marine Veteran, Wyatt Tanaka, came home to a hero's welcome. Only he's hiding a secret that makes him anything but a hero and could potentially destroy his life. He's doing the best he can, trying to cope with the guilt, and the pain of the girl he loves pushing him away by doing all the things he'd sworn not to. With Lacey's new rules, he has nothing and no one to hold onto. Nothing to keep him from feeling dead. Instead, he allows nameless women, bars, drugs, and drinking consume him.

Then one night, he goes too far, gets in too deep, and when the truth comes out... will Lacey push him away or help save him?

Available at:
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg


This beautiful girl, leaning against the door to our shared apartment, is practically shaking, her face devoid of color. Only this time, she holds my hand to her heart instead of pushing me away. This time, her eyes are closed, auburn lashes resting on her pale cheeks, while she trusts me to help her. Her pink lips part as she breathes, as she tries to get control, and I stand there helpless, trying to protect her, trying to help her, and trying not to be pissed off at the mixed signals she's giving.

But in the end, I'm the man who loves her, the man who'll always love her, and I'll always protect her, even from things that don't go bump in the night, even when she tells me she doesn't need me.

About the Author:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She's the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man--and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tater tots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

Website / Facebook / Twitter

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