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Review: Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank @JacquelynFrank

Title: Jacob

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Series: The Nightwalkers #1

Publication date: December 1st, 2006

ISBN: 9780821780657

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers--the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight. Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and one man makes certain to uphold this ancient law: Jacob, the Enforcer...

For 700 years, he has resisted temptation. But not tonight...

Jacob knows the excuses his people give when the madness overtakes them and they fall prey to their lust for humans. He's heard every one and still brought the trespassers to justice. Immune to forbidden desires, uncontrollable hungers, or the curse of the moon, his control is total... until the moment he sees Isabella on a shadowy New York City street. Saving her life wasn't in his plans. Nor were the overwhelming feelings she arouses in him. But the moment he holds her in his arms and feels the soft explosion of her body against his, everything changes. Their attraction is undeniable, volatile, and completely against the law. Suddenly everything Jacob has ever believed is inflamed by the heat of desire...

Bring on the night.

Jacquelyn Frank is a household name in the paranormal romance genre. She has created a world build around several different series that all seem to work together to create this unbelievable society of creatures. She cornered the market on less widely used creatures such as demons and turned them from the ultimate villains into misunderstood beings who just want to live in peace with humans. In Frank's world, demons are humans in appearance but have wonderful elemental gifts that they use, not for harm, but for protection and daily practices. Jacob is the first in her Nightwalker series that opens up the world of these unusual demons for readers.

Jacob knew the rules. He enforced the rules, in fact. He knew that demons were driven into restlessness and a need for companionship during the full moon two months out of every year. In that time, demons old and young sometimes feel inexplicably drawn to humans. However, a sexual encounter with a demon can be a bit too rough for a human and can lead to their unfortunate death whether the demon wished it so or not. It is because of this that humans are to be protected and demons are to be restrained. It is Jacob's job to make sure that happens. Jacob is locked into his duties when the woman of his dreams falls from the sky and into his arms... literally. It is from their first interact that Jacob finds the struggle to resist the company of humans to finally be a big tough to take. This particular human makes his soul sing and it is all he can do to not make her his forever.

Isabella has never found men to be all that interesting. She would much rather curl up with countless books and live a quiet existence with her sister Corinne. That was until Jacob. Suddenly she can feel things, see things, and even smell things that she never could before. It is like Jacob has awakened some long dormant power inside her that hungers not just to be released, but to keep the source of their awakening close at hand. Isabella is whisked away into a world she never knew existed. She is confronted with the realization that the man she has grown fond of is something other than human... and she may be less than 100% human as well.

Jacob and Isabella must navigate their new found draw to each other while trying to figure out the cause of some disappearances within Jacob's people. Can the duo manage to keep their hands to themselves and their sleuthing powers at the forefront of their thoughts?

I had recently joined a book tour for the World of the Nightwalkers series. This, I think, is a spin-off of this series and with that understanding, I had to go back and read the first series... first. I am so glad that my local used bookstore had the entire series because I am devouring these books as if I am starved and they are my only form of sustenance. Normally I struggle with the push-pull of a forbidden relationship, but this one was well executed. With the accompaniment of this new world created by Frank, I was able to take periodic breaks from the frustrating love affair to navigate the waters of a new society. It made Jacob and Isabella's relationship more dynamic to me.

I really liked how eloquent Frank is in her writing. When her characters speak it is nothing short of poetry. In most books if characters are prolific in their feelings for each other, I grow bored with it. I am not a sunshine and butterfly type of romance lover. I like romantic words but make it more interesting than "I can't live without you, oh baby, oh baby." No thanks. Frank was PERFECT. She really gave her old characters some age in the way they speak to each other. It made it more realistic.

Jacob will show you a whole new world where demons can be more than hellions bent on world destruction. The demons of Frank's world will sweep you into a heady romantic existence that will make it's readers ache that it is nothing more than fiction.

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