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Revolutionary by Krista McGee
Series: Anomaly #3
Publication date: July 15th, 2014

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
All her life Thalli thought she was an anomaly. Now she must use her gifts to fulfill the role she was called to play: Revolutionary.

Back in the underground State against her will, Thalli is no longer the anomaly she was before. She has proven herself to be a powerful leader aboveground and returns with information that Dr. Loudin needs to complete his plan of uniting the world under one leader: himself. But he, too, has information. A secret he has kept from Thalli her entire life. A secret that, once revealed, changes everything about the person Thalli thought she was.

Hoping to help Thalli rise up against the Scientists, both Berk and Alex join her underground, but their presence only brings more trouble for her. Now Dr. Loudin knows just the leverage to use on his captive, and she is forced to choose between the two of them. Is her first love her true love? Or does Alex ultimately claim her heart?

Unsure of everything around her, including her own identity, Thalli doesn't know where to turn. She knows she needs the Designer, but he seems further away than ever. What she does know, though, is that if she doesn't do something to stop Loudin the fragile world aboveground will be lost once and for all.

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Dr. Loudin

I am so misunderstood. But geniuses always are. The small-minded cannot comprehend what great minds are thinking and planning, so they assume we are evil. They place labels on us, and in their limited understanding assume what they cannot understand must not be good. But I know more than they do, and my ability to see past what could be will allow them to be better than they are. Already, the generations I have created outshine previous generations. We have eradicated the problem of emotions. We have cleansed and strengthened the immune system. My parents' generation had to worry about diseases like cancer, they had to battle illnesses like pneumonia and meningitis. My generations do not even struggle with the common cold. Yet, some still fight me. Thalli wants to label me a murderer, cold-hearted. But she does not know. She does not understand. There is so much more to me than anyone--almost anyone--on this earth comprehends.

About the Author:
Krista writes for teens, teaches teens, and more often than not, acts like a teen. She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain. Her current hometown is Tampa, FL.

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