Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Bash 2014 Recap + Book Bash Reading Challenge!

Yes, that is right. Ladybug Literature went to Book Bash 2014. It was the first time I had ever been and when I learned about it I let the rest of my book club know. We made it a group event and had an absolutely blast. Even with a severe case of Tonsillitis I dragged my butt to Orlando to get in on the fun. Here are some pictures taken by me or my fellow book club friends. :)

My book club gathering for Breakfast before the fun began!

Some of my book club buddies (Teresa, Michelle, & Debbie) and I waiting in line to check out the BAM bookstore before the signing.

Welcome to Book Bash!

Look... at all... the people...! O_O

The ticket system for some of the higher profile authors was good, but it did still have some issues to work out for next year.

This lady here, Jennifer L. Armentrout, was one of two authors I HAD to meet (Jay Crownover was the other). 

There are probably more pictures to come once my fellow book club members post them, but these are the ones I could gather quickly. I also went to a Blogger Party after the signing and met a lot of really great fellow bloggers. Such as: Nancy's Romance Reads, Little Read Riding Hood, No BS Book Reviews, My Favorite Things, Smut Book Junkie Reviews, In Between The Pages, Love Romance Tales, and Seeing Double in Neverland. The Blogger Party was put on by Penguin and the Berkley Publishing Company. There were cupcakes, candy, soda, water, and just wonderful people. I had not known the blogging community and the publishing representatives could be so fun to hang around. I am really starting to love this industry more and more!

All in all, a really fun trip that was well worth disregarding the doctors orders. :)

As I told some of the authors and fellow bloggers I met, I have decided that in the month of July I will be reviewing ONLY books by the authors from Book Bash. These authors came out in the heat and hectic environment of the book convention world to rub elbows with their readers. I think they deserve a little recognition. So, what better way to give back to them than to host a reading challenge. Authors depend on reviews from bloggers to sell their product or to learn how to better their craft. I think it's something small I can do for them for making Book Bash so very enjoyable for me. Here is a list of the authors that attended:
  • Toni Aleo
  • Debra Anastasia
  • Jennifer L Armentrout
  • Kristen Ashley
  • Katie Ashley
  • Kahlen Aymes
  • Tessa Bailey
  • Maya Banks
  • J.L. Berg
  • Shayla Black
  • Natasha Boyd
  • K. Bromberg
  • Chelsea M. Cameron
  • Renee Carlino
  • Cora Carmack
  • Georgia Cates
  • Nichole Chase
  • Emma Chase
  • Alice Clayton
  • Jay Crownover
  • JM Darhower
  • L.D. Davis
  • Sylvia Day
  • Gretchen de la O
  • Jillian Dodd
  • Rebecca Donovan
  • Kelly Elliott
  • Jennifer Foor
  • Abbi Glines
  • Alexa Grace
  • Kendall Grey
  • Karina Halle
  • Amy Harmon
  • Liliana Hart
  • Carey Heywood
  • Colleen Hoover
  • Helena Hunting
  • J.A. Huss
  • Tasha Ivey
  • Ella James
  • Kim Karr
  • Laura Kaye
  • J. Kenner
  • Tiffany King
  • Christina Lauren
  • R.K. Lilley
  • K.A. Linde
  • Jennifer Loren
  • K.I. Lynn
  • Aly Martinez
  • Kallypso Masters
  • Jamie McGuire
  • Katja Millay
  • Kele Moon
  • Monica Murphy
  • Maggi Myers
  • Kathryn Perez
  • Julie Prestsater
  • Stella Price
  • Tina Reber
  • Nicole Reed
  • Penny Reid
  • CD Reiss
  • Elizabeth Reyes
  • CJ Roberts
  • Dawn Robertson
  • Aleatha Romig
  • J.B. Salsbury
  • Shay Savage
  • S.L. Scott
  • Kylie Scott
  • Harper Sloan
  • Andrea Smith
  • Tiffany Snow
  • Trudy Stiles
  • Alessandra Torre
  • K.A. Tucker
  • Michelle A. Valentine
  • S. Walden
  • Penelope Ward
  • Skye Warren
  • Paige Weaver
  • Tammara Webber
  • Jasinda Wilder
  • Joanna Wylde

And a partridge in a pear tree! :) I am not sure who on this list I will read and what books of their's I will choose so any recommendations are welcome! If you wish to join along on the Reading Challenge after your own Book Bash experience shoot me an email and I will create a Linky list for us. Otherwise, I am going solo. Numero uno. The cheese stands alone. You get the idea. Either way, game on!