Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tell Me Something (39)

"Tell Me Something" Tuesday is a meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings

This week's question is:

Do you still go ahead and review a book that you have for review after reading several not so flattering reviews?

To be honest, if I have a book for review I try not to read any reviews about it until I finish it. I don't want to suffer any spoilers or get a bad taste in my mouth about the book before I give it a fair shake. Would that be fair?

Oh, there have been moments in the past where I have read reviews about a book, at the time I didn't have for review, but later obtained. Now that was a sticky situation. Fortunately most of the reviews I read about these books were good ones with zero spoilers.

I know how bad it can be to talk about a book a friend or book pal wants to read and then spoiling something for them inadvertently. Nothing is as frightening as the wrath of a bookworm. I barely escaped with my life.

So, yes I review books even if I have read bad reviews about them, however, I try to avoid reading reviews until AFTER I have read the book in question. Nothing could be worse than writing off a book that could potentially rock your world. Not everyone's opinions are the same after all.

Do you read books you've read not-so-dazzling reviews for or do you write it off as a loss?