Review Policies

As with any blogger I am more than willing to accept any and all literary devices such as ARCs. I will also have openings for guest bloggers if you read a particularly good book and want to have the review posted on the site.

What I review.
I am pretty open to reading just about anything. My favorite genres are as follows (but are not limited to):

 Young Adult
 Science Fiction
 Paranormal (Romance or otherwise)
 General Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Historical Fiction

Of course with any favorite type of book there are some that just don't resonate well with some readers. My list is fairly short but not non-existent:

Historical Romance
 Non-Fiction (Business, Self-Help, and the like)
 True Crime

What E-Book Formats are Accepted.
While I am accepting e-books I much prefer PHYSICAL copies for review purposes. I only ever use my Kindle Fire for reading e-books and due to that fact I only accept .mobi files.

What I receive for my reviews.
In a word, nothing. I do not accept any sort of monetary or exchange of good for a good review. I provide honest reviews based on my opinion of the book. If a book is provided to me from a publisher, author, or other source it by no way guarantees a good review. Honesty is the best policy and I will try to remain that way with all my reviews.

How My Reviews are Written.
I try to provide the title, author, series (if in one), ISBN and a brief synopsis of the book before I get into my actual review. This allows for readers to get a feel for the book before I delve into it. My reviews have no formal structure. I give a brief (sometimes very brief, so as not to give away any spoilers) rundown of the book as a whole and then I will offer my opinion on it. I will give impressions and an overall feel for the book I got. Some books will become life-long favorites, and some may not be my thing. Some reviewers get into character structure and symbolism, but I am not a literary major and I would rather simply state whether I liked it and WHY I liked it. I like to keep things light. I also provide a link to Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, and Kobo at the bottom of every review so readers may purchase the books at their discretion.

Review Timing.
I try to get to new material as quickly as possible (especially if it is sent to me by an author or publisher), but sometimes the world gets in the way. I am sure not all bloggers are JUST bloggers. We have other jobs and maybe even school and family to contend with. While I wish I could read every book in my personal library and those to come within days of receiving them, I can not promise that. But I CAN promise that if the book is an ARC with a release date in the near future or recent past I will make it a top priority. I want the reviews to be able to provide increased sales if at all possible because the authors deserve that kind of respect. All I can say is I will do my best to be as quick with reviews as possible.

Rating System.
I have created a rating system (not surprisingly) of ladybugs as a way of gauging my thoughts on the books I review. It is broken down as such:

How to Submit a Review Request.
You can either e-mail me at or you can send the review book to the following address:

Danielle Schneider
6699 Cherry Road
Ocala, FL 34472